Visiting a Hair Loss Clinic: What You Need to Know

Regardless of your reason for restoring your hair, you know that this type of change is necessary, especially to your self-esteem. Because you can restore any hair loss today without surgery, you really do not have a reason not to take advantage of today’s latest hair restoration innovations.

One of these systems uses no glue or heat and enables the technician to apply strands of human hair to a lightweight mesh for natural and satisfactory results. Plus, women can get their new restoration cut and styled as well. In addition, you can choose another hair colour or have lowlights or highlights applied.

Taking Care of Your New Look

When this type of hair enhancement system is used, the wearer can enjoy her new look from a year and a half to as long as three years. It just depends on the maintenance. When the hair regrows (which happens about every six weeks), the hair system becomes less snug on the head. Therefore, to maintain the look, the mesh fabric and system must be adjusted routinely.

Scheduling a Realignment

Typically, maintenance takes a one hour to an hour and a half. The hair system, too, normally needs a realignment after six months or so. This involves lifting the mesh material whilst keeping it in place. Normally, the adjustment takes about two to four hours to complete.

An Ideal Solution for Temporary Hair Loss

When you use this type of hair enhancer, it makes it easy to regrow your hair. As a result, women who visit a London female hair clinic for this restoration find it to be a good solution for temporary hair loss. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for any woman who has experienced trichotillomania (pulling out the hair), accidental loss of hair, or who has lost her hair due to chemotherapy.

In addition, if you suffer from trichotillomania, this type of hair restoration system provides a barrier, thereby making it difficult to pull out the hair. By introducing this approach, a trichotillomaniac is able to overcome the habit.

If you have one of the aforementioned hair loss issues, you can grow all your hair back and stop using this type of replacement after about 10 months. That is why this volumising and incorporation solution is far superior to wearing a wig.

Women with Extreme Hair Loss Also Benefit

Even women with extreme hair loss feel like the system is like natural hair. In these cases, surgical tapes are used to attach the lightweight mesh to the scalp. After several days, the wearer does not even realise it is there. Once she wears the mesh and her new hair for a few weeks, she will also forget it is artificial.

Plus, unlike a wig, you can treat this type of hair restoration like it is your own hair. You can swim, sleep, or exercise while wearing it. Because the mesh enables the scalp to breathe, it is easy to wash. Only a certain amount of hair is added, thereby creating a more natural look. Plus, you never need to remove the system aside from a maintenance appointment every six months.

If you have hair loss and are a woman, you need to check out this innovative hair replacement system. Once you know the specifics, you will want to make the transformation, a change that will boost your self-esteem and looks.