Tips for Preventing Sleep Wrinkles

It is completely normal to wake up in the morning with wrinkles on your face and in many cases, they will slowly fade over the course of the day.  Eventually, however, they will remain. While regular wrinkles are a natural part of aging, even younger women can experience those due to sleeping. The good news is that there are a few ways to limit the number of wrinkles that develop overnight, but first you need to better understand why they are happening in the first place.

Understand Why They Occur

Unlike regular wrinkles that form because of contracting your muscles, sleep wrinkles occur because of the pressure your pillow puts on your face while you sleep. Various points on your skin will begin to move as you rest on a pillow and some of these have underlying muscle and other structures. If one of these areas resists pressure from the pillow against it, a wrinkle will develop. This means that if you sleep on a certain side more often than the other, wrinkles may be more prominent on that side. These sleep lines can develop on the chin, lower cheeks, side of the nose, under the eyes, or on the forehead. They may even appear on your body, particularly between the breasts.

Choose The Right Sleeping Position

The simplest way to prevent these sleeping wrinkles is to adjust the way that you sleep at night. If the wrinkles form where your pillow puts pressure on your face, it makes logical sense that getting rid of contact between your face and pillow will prevent the wrinkles. This is possible if you start sleeping on your back instead of your side or stomach. It will take some effort to break this habit, however, and you may have health issues, like breathing problems, that make it unsafe.

Invest In The Right Pillow

For those who simply don’t feel comfortable sleeping on their backs or have a health issue that prevents them from making this change, you can always invest in a wrinkle-reducing pillow. These pillows typically have a particular shape that provides the cushioning you need for your head without putting excessive pressure on your face. Some designs have even been backed by studies.

Get A Body Pillow

Some people also choose to fight sleep lines by using a body pillow. This won’t completely relieve the pressure on your face that causes the wrinkles like a specialty pillow does but it can minimize the lines by reducing the pressure put on your face. If your body’s pressure is spread throughout your hip, leg, chest, and shoulder, less will be applied to the face, reducing the risk of wrinkles.