The use of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol also helps people suffering from obese and over weight problem by burning the fats of the body and increasing the metabolism rate of the body. Clenbuterol is available in many forms such as tablets, powder form, and liquid form. The results of this drug depend on many factors like dosage the person is taking, diet and regular rate of physical exercise, and the present health conditions of the person.

Generally, the bodybuilders and athletes who use Clenbuterol in their cutting cycle are not obese and they already have a great shape. Despite that, they often turn to Clenbuterol because they need a ripped and tone look for their body which is possible only when any or all remnants of fat are burnt.

Clenbuterol can also bring about side effects, one of them is the jittery feeling that the users experience. Insomnia and cramps can also occur. A trick to avoid these side effects is to consume lot of water so that it does not remain in the body and is washed off from the body.

Results from Clen:

Stacks for clen

The stacks of clen are of two types:

  • Beginners stack cycle
  • Advanced stack cycle

There stack cycles for both men and women

Beginners stack cycle

For women would be for three weeks with a dosage of 80mcg per day. For men would be three weeks with a dosage of 160mcg per day.

Dianabol has another property of retaining water so as to increase muscle size which is often taken in the off cycle of clen. Here when clen is re introduced after the off period some of the water weight is got off along with further fat burning process.

Taurine is a vitamin and not fat burning steroid as

thought to be. It helps in the production and stimulation of beta 2 amino acids in the body for muscle growth, because of its vitamin form it is easier to pair with clen and very affordable too.


It is better to start Clen on the first cycle and when off it begin with cytomel on its own, to maximise impact and reduce side effects and clash of potencies. After the body gets used to the drug then clen can be taken along with cytomel. If taken with clen then 8 to 10 weeks are enough for the desired weight loss. More than this would cause harmful effect to the body.


It is another supplement that can be stacked with clen.

It’s full form is erythropoietin which helps in increasing blood cells in the body.


This drug is taken with clen stack to restore the male hormone testosterone back to working conditions and get it producing normally. Since clen is not a steroid it can fit.

All the above go well with clen and it is up to your trainer and doctor to put together what is best for you by gauging your body’s tolerance level and what are the goals for your body. Accordingly there four best stacks that can be tried out. These have been put up by long time users. And you need not follow this and see what best suits you.