Phentermine for Sale

If an individual comes with valid prescription, then in United states any licensed pharmacy can sale phentermine to that person. It is illegal to stock and sale the weight loss drug phentermine. It is not available over the counter in Amazon or GNC. But it can be purchased from Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, and CostCo.

After getting valid prescription by a physician, individuals can visit a local pharmacy to fill their prescription. It is also possible to transfer, refill the prescription.

Is it legal?

Phentermine is classified into class IV legal drug. One more thing is phentermine must be used along with a supervision of a physician. With prescription one can buy this drug at Costco, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and even at local pharmacies. This is legal. when a drug is classified into Class IV, it means that there is lower risk of dependency, abuse, and additction compared to drugs come under Class III, II and I.

How to get prescription?

It is necessary to get an appointment with doctor at first. Then they will explain about phentermine to the individual. They may perform a general physical exam along with necessary routine tests required. They also use medical review and health history questioner if required. After that they will prescribe the drug.

They may also offer additional information regarding enhancing the effects of this drug, necessary lifestyle changes and balanced diet which help in losing weight. Check the list of local stores here to buy Phen with prescription.


The cost may depend on many things. The type of phentermine or brand name that the doctor suggested and the dosage they recommended. Majority of the cases, people pay $14 to $20 for seven pills of phentermine. This is nothing but a week supply of the drug. There will be insurance coverage but not full may be partial. But this is not true for all the insurances. Suprenza, Zantryl, Oby- cap, Adipex-p, E-5000, and T- diet are some of the common brands of phentermine available.

It is better if one checks with many pharmacies about the cost before he decides to buy phentermine. They can check with near by Walmart, CostCo, Walgreens, and CVS about the price.

Buying without prescription:

In many countries it is not legal to buy phenetrmine without having a prescription. But there are products available in Amazon and in some places where people can buy it without prescription. But the product available in Amazon is not the real one.

It is possible to buy this drug without having prescription online but it is not good. This is because there are several reasons behind this.

  • It is illegal to buy this drug without prescription since it classified as a controlled substance.
  • The products available online which can be purchased without prescription are usually from counties like Mexico and India. When it is so, quality is generally questionable.
  • When a person uses this kind of drugs it is like taking gamble on their own health.
  • This is because one is not aware of the chemicals used in these drugs, ingredients containes, quantity, and quality of the drug.