Learn About the Wonderful Benefits of Krill Oil!

The discovery of oil changed the course of humanity, and drastically sped up modern inventions and discovery. When man realised that they could derive oil from the ground, and from various other sources, they began searching for different sources through which this oil could be utilised. One of the more obscure sources of oil was the krill. The krill are small crustaceans that reside in almost all of the oceans in this world. They are ranked very close to the bottom of the food chain. Krill generally feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton, and are usually consumed by larger fish and animals in the oceans.

Commercial fishing of krill has increased to around 150,000-200,000 tonnes on a yearly basis. Even though most of the krill caught are used as aquarium feed, a significant percentage is used for making krill oil. Today, you can find this type of oil at virtually every herbal centre around the country. If you don’t have an herbal centre in your locality, you can even order this oil online.

 The fact that it’s so readily available, in so many different regions, is just a testament to its popularity. The oil offers plenty of different benefits that you won’t get with standard oils. When scientists discovered the astounding ability of this oil to shuttle large amounts of omega-3 into the drinker’s body, they started extensively testing the oil to see what else it offers. Here are just some of the many proven benefits that you get from oil that’s derived from krill.

Cardiovascular Protection

One of the biggest benefits of this oil is that it offers significant cardiovascular protection to the body. The results, published in a study that was conducted by the Journal of American College of Nutrition, stated that the oil was capable of maintaining the health of the inflammatory pathways leading up to the heart. The study showed that the group that consumed this oil was able to reduce their CRP levels (C-reactive protein levels) by up to 19.3%. The lower the CRP levels, the healthier the heart.

Maintains Cholesterol

Maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol is an issue for many people, especially given the oily diets that so many people have. According to the findings from a research study from McGill, it was found that consuming a mere 500 mg of this oil on a daily basis showed a serious improvement in sustaining good cholesterol levels.

Improvement in Joint Function

After consuming the oil, for a mere one-to-two weeks, people reported significantly improved joint functionality with reduced distress. It has also been proven to reduce joint stiffness and lead to an increase in overall mobility, making it a very effective source of treatment.

There are numerous other benefits that this oil offers. A study showed that people who consumed this oil noticed an increase in their overall concentration and mindfulness, which helped them tackle tasks in a much faster rate. Regular consumption is obviously quite beneficial!