Few Mistakes You Must Avoid To Get Better Results of Using Treadmill

These days, many of you must be using treadmill instead of walking outside. Are you getting good results? If you are not satisfied with the results then this article will be useful for you. Following are few mistakes that most of you must be doing, which need to be corrected.

Wearing wrong type of shoes

Your shoe must have extra amount of padding in the soles so that your heels remain protected and foot bones do not strike while walking. Keep these shoes reserved for walking only and avoid using them while dancing or doing any other exercises.

Avoid looking at your feet while walking

You may lose your balance if you keep looking at your feet. This may happen even if you use best treadmills available in the market. It can also strain your neck and your body may get misaligned. You must look straight ahead of you while walking.

Avoid smacking your feet down

By smacking your foot down, you may strain your muscle. Also, you may lose your balance. Keep your body straight in vertical position and walk or run. Use your mid foot instead of your heel.

You should not stick to same routine

If you continue to maintain same routine then after few days your body gets adapted and muscles become efficient. Change your workout pattern after every 4 weeks.

Avoid spreading your arms all over

If you keep swinging your arms all around then it will not be very efficient. You must keep your arm on your sides till you increase the speed of walking.

Do not stride too long

Stretching your leg too far will consume too much of your energy and also there is a risk of getting injured. You may get tired too soon. Efficient way to walk will be three steps in a second.

Avoid holding the rod while walking

You may burn more calories by walking on inclined position. However, if you walk by holding the bar then whole purpose gets defeated. You must walk naturally as you walk up in the hill. Keep your body balanced while walking.

Avoid leaning too much

If you lean your body in any direction then you have to make extra effort to balance yourself. This may cause back pain or you may even lose balance too. Maintain a good posture while walking on treadmill.

Avoid overdoing

Some time you may like to overstrain yourself to get quick result, but it does not really help. Take some rest in between.