Complete Guide to the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is becoming more and more famous (but also decried, probably because of its effectiveness). In order to avoid learning anywhere anything, here is the complete guide to paleo diet.

Paleo is not a regime

Why diet and not diet? The word “diet” is too much connotated weight loss. In addition, a regime is applied one time and then discontinued when the results are obtained. Paleo diet, although it can lose a lot of fat (actually it removes unnecessary fat), should not be used as a healthy diet, i.e. temporarily.

Because just like the others, once you stop it and you resume your bad eating habits, the pounds and other signs of poor health reappear. Paleo diet is therefore a daily practice if you want to achieve lasting results. However, nothing keeps you from enjoying yourself from time to time. Rather, it is a recommendation if you want to hold for the long term.

You do not have to fear the small “calculated” deviations, because the results are brought by the habits (the Paleo diet on a daily basis) and not by the exceptions (1 or 2 small weekly deviations).

Why paleo works (and is safe)?

It heals your body

Your body works badly because it is embarrassed by something. Paleo diet removes all potential disturbers to restore your body to freedom, freeing it from its fats, fatigue and disease.

The majority of problems go through a malfunctioning digestive system. Whether:

  • Poorly digested proteins that damage your small ,
  • Poor absorption of nutrients,
  • A disorder of your intestinal flora,
  • Diet plays an important role.

Paleo foods respect your digestive system; they allow your body to function normally:

By removing harmful foods- Giving the foods that make it possible to build and regenerate your body.

The Paleo regime is not new, and it does not return to the front of the stage, for it has never disappeared. Peoples of hunter-gatherers live paleo at the present time. And they enjoy excellent health. This has nothing to do with genetics: when some members leave their families for the city and adopt a modern diet, they also see their health deteriorate. The palaeo food is healthy and natural; there is nothing dangerous in it (except for the industrialists).

The Paleo healthy diet is different from traditional slimming diets; its purpose is not just weight loss. Paleo Diet on the site, only 32% of people visiting the site just for this purpose, 28% come for answers on the link between diet and health and 22% to improve their sports performance. We will see in the next paragraph how the Paleo regime can impact these three factors.

To be in better physical shape

By adopting the Paleo diet and adopting a healthier diet you will feel effects on your health quite quickly, the main ones being:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better performance during sessions
  • Better, lighter skin
  • Healthier Teeth
  • Feeling of well-being

All these effects are related to each other and begin with feeding. A better diet will provide you with a better quality of sleep, which will make you feel in better shape during your workouts to give you a feeling of well-being.