Check These Smart Tips And Suggestions For Bathing Your Dog

Healthy skin and coat in dogs is an indicator of good health. Grooming, for many pet owners, is an overwhelming task, often because they don’t know much about bathing, cleaning and brushing their dog. In this post, we have discussed a few tips and suggestions that may come handy.

Understand things with a groomer

If you are a new pet owner, you might need to hire a groomer to understand the entire bathing and cleaning process. You don’t need to bath puppies frequently. As for older dogs, a weekly cleaning session should be enough, unless your dog ventures out in the open daily. A groomer or a veterinarian can explain the grooming needs better, which is also dependent on the breed, age and lifestyle of the dog.

Choose the right shampoo

Never use human shampoos on cats and dogs. Dogs have extremely sensitive skin, which is more alkaline as compared to humans. You shouldn’t use any shampoo that’s high on chemicals. Look for options like Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo that have a good name in the market. Artificial colors and fragrances are extremely bad for dogs and have been linked to cancer. You can choose natural products, including those that have oatmeal and natural oils. A mild shampoo will have minimum fragrance and almost no color. However, if your pet has issues like ticks and dry skin, a medicated shampoo might be extremely important. Also, you might want to consider a conditioner to keep the hair soft and breezy.

Don’t bath often

Your dog needs a weekly bath, unless he has a highly active lifestyle. Dog’s skin has natural oils, which keeps the coat healthy and moisturized. If you wash the canine too frequently, these oils can deplete. If your dog has dry or flaky skin, talk to a doctor because this might be an indication of an underlying disease.

Just bathing is not enough

If you want your dog to look healthy and good, just bathing is not enough. Take him for a spa session once in a while, and don’t forget regular brushing. Brushing can get rid of tangles, and you will find different kind of brushes help in removing dead skin cells and dander, as well. For good coat, you might want to include Omega 3 fatty acids in the diet, either in form of supplements or through fishes like tuna and salmon.

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