Are Your Steroids Real?

Are you unable to detect if your steroids are real or fake? Learn How To Figure Out The REAL Steroids Over The FAKE. Here are few ways to determine the genuine steroids over the fake steroids.

Check the company

Underground labs known to produce the counterfeit steroids often use very “pharmaceutical sounding” names for their companies. However, the name doesn’t correlate to an actual real company. If you do not find the website and office location for the manufacturer of a steroid product, it probably means that it isn’t authorized or legitimate.

Choosing a reliable and good reputation steroid store should be your first one step to take toward a successful purchasing. Many big steroid suppliers want you to be satisfied with the products you bought from them. Therefore, big companies propose different ways to make sure the product you bought is a genuine one. One method that works great is the possibility to check on the website, the unique code equipped with the product because no company will want to lose their clients.

Check the Batch number and the dates

Do take some time out and check the batch number and dates on the product purchased. Lot number or batch number and expiry dates are the common mistakes where the counterfeiters mess up. They often print these dates with the rest of the box and neither they stamp nor they attach the computerized labels to the boxes individually as it will costs them extra money and takes lot of their time. If you examine the lot number and expiration date under a microscope which can be a small handheld microscope usually, it should be clear to you whether the details were added to the box during production or during the time of printing. Always be aware of the dangers.

Do a Blood check before and during the cycle

If you are scared of a blood test then a simply way to check for legitimacy is to keep a close observation on changes happening in your body after a certain period of using the steroid. If there are no improvements in your muscles, no side effects after the usage then the product you are using might be a fake or counterfeit.

Try test kits for AAS

There are certain test kits designed to identify the substances or compounds in vials and tablets. Small amount of gear is added to the vials and checked for the color change. Then the color turned is compared with the color table to check for the results accordingly. Don’t draw the conclusions soon after the color changes. The color varies slowly with a time period, wait for certain period for color to change and then compare with the color table. Understanding the color table takes time and practice that will piss you off.

The main problem with these tests is that they show the presence of a hormone, but not its dosage i.e., if there is 95% of oil and only 5% of hormone it will be considered as genuine steroid which indeed is a fake.