Anavar Use Gives Women the Right Physique

Anavar is a popular anabolic which has been around for decades and used by a number of people. In fact, it can use favourably by both males as well as female population. The steroid effect has not been appreciated as it fails to give significant gains to the body to give the required bulk. In the cutting cycle, it works wonders to give you the ripped muscle look. Anavar is closely similar to the naturally present hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and chemically better known as Oxandrolone.  It was initially marketed in the 1960’s by G.D Searle and company for its therapeutical impacts. It is important to understand the effects of the drug before use after considering the pros and cons of the situation.

Anavar use in females

Anavar has been used for the development of the muscles in females. This effect gives the person an ideal physique as seen in most of the female television celebrities.  If you are one of them, who wants to look good but has reached a plateau while exercising then this steroid might give you with an ideal solution to your problem.  The Anavar diet for women includes a healthy diet along with vigorous exercise to reach the desired weight.  It would help in gaining the lean muscles helping the body shed the extra fat in the body. It is even more beneficial as unlike the other components of the steroid group it has minimal side effects.

Effects of anabolic use

Oxandrolone is the chemical modified form of DHT. The similarity of it to a naturally present hormone in the body makes the drug more effective decreasing the side effects of its use. The result of the use of this steroid causes efficient fat loss. This property of Oxandrolone has been exploited by many bodybuilders who often turn to this steroid in the cutting cycle.  It helps in reducing not only the stubborn fat from the body but is also increases the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis of the body. It is due to this combined effect that people on this ‘roid’ cycle can have better and leaner muscles. It also decreases the level of bound testosterone in the blood and inhibits glucocorticoid hormone that enhances the level of the circulating steroid in the blood.

The cycles give you desired effect

Anavar as is used in males in the range of 20-50 mg. In females, it is required in much lesser levels like 5-10mg to get the desired effect.  In fact, a change in the diet of the person along with regular exercise can lead to ideal changes in the body. It is due to the increase the metabolic rate of the body along with an enhancement in lipolysis.  A suitable Anavar diet for women can lead to the ideal physique in four to six weeks. It is favorable as it does not aromatize to form estrogen leading to gain in weight due to water retention.  It is due to this reason that bodybuilders often depend on it to cut fat faster to gain the ideal physique.  Care should be taken not to increase the dosage to prevent negative impacts to the body.