6  Ways to Get Motivated About Your Health

Knowing the way to a healthier lifestyle, and moving down the path towards achieving that goal are two very different things.

There’s a reason the gym is busiest in January. Many people want to change their lifestyles and keep healthy—but far fewer can keep up the resolve to see that plan through.

So what makes these people different? While it would be easy (and incorrect) to assume, that some people are simply more driven than others. The reality is that motivation and resolve are built over long periods of time.

There is just no easy way to get healthy. It’s going to take a long time and involve some hard work.

But don’t worry too much—because we’ve assembled the six best ways to get motivated about your health, head to the gym, and start working on the best version of you possible today.

  1. Re-thinking Your Schedule

We are what we do—and if becoming healthy and exercising remains low on our hierarchy of needs, we cannot be surprised when we slack on goals or drop off entirely.

To implement a new regimen into your life, you’ll need to live on a schedule. Write out everything you need to do during the week and physically cross off events, meetings, and errands as they completed. Slowly implement your goals and exercise hours into this schedule, and train yourself to achieve the plan each week.

If need be, publicly broadcast your schedule to friends and loved ones to make sure that when you forget to meet a goal or deadline, you’ll hear from more than yourself about your failures. Sometimes, motivation needs to come with a hint of shame.

  1. Examining Your Influencers

Speaking of peers, also know who you interact with.

Make sure your immediate friend group and those who have the most influence over your life are either adamantly on board with your newfound fitness regimen—or willing to work alongside you to better themselves.

We don’t recommend shaming others for lifestyle choices or cutting out loved ones entirely—but make sure those who you honestly trust and listen to want you to succeed.

While motivation can come from a hint of shame, it also requires a loving support system. You won’t be able to get fit and eat right without others helping you out along the way.

  1. Set Up A System

Much like how we reward and punish our children using systems, try setting up your system to ensure that good work goes rewarded—and bad habits are punished.

For example, allow yourself to purchase a small item or article of clothing at the end of the week—so long as you’ve met your targets and put in the hours you need. You can let the happiness in the object or the frustration at not having it tie in with your health. While it may sound juvenile, it often works.

If you need to, inform your support system about the rewards you’ve set up for accountability, or even consider placing the ability to hand out the award in their hands.

If you go this route, we recommend being a little careful about who you’re trusting!

  1. Eat Right!

Eating right may be tied in intimately with improving your health via lifestyle changes, but it can also serve to help you in more ways than you may have considered.

A report from the University of Oxford shows that eating healthier foods will keep you feeling light, reduce lethargy, and improve motivation. Likewise, processed foods, foods high in fat, and overindulgence in high-carb meals will leave you feeling ill and not willing to work. A quick google search will turn up lists of ingredients to banish from your kitchen.

Weight can also affect your overall motivation. It is often said that, muscle is gain in the gym and weight is lost in the kitchen, so taking control of your diet using the methods above could serve to provide that extra kick you need.

  1. Take Out The Trash

We mean this one in a metaphorical sense—as well as a physical one.

Often, we find ourselves inundated with junk. Whether that junk is a dangerous habit like smoking or excessing drinking or a physical problem like a filthy living space, these extraneous materials only serve to harm us and hamper our ability to live our best lives.

Run a self-assessment to make sure that the things you’re doing each day need to be done, and that serendipitous habits and runaway pastimes are kept to a minimum.

This could mean anything from cutting down on time spent on video games to setting a budget and implementing rules for shopping. However, these factors present themselves in your life, deal with them accordingly.

Taking out the trash can also mean simplifying and eliminating errands and tasks that waste far too much of your time. If you tend to spend too long on bills, set up automatic payments. If you dislike waiting in line at the pharmacy, consider using a prescription delivery service offered by companies like Medly Pharmacy to get you the prescriptions you need without ever needing to head outside.

  1. Do It Every Day

The only real way to achieve your goals is not to rely on pure motivation—but on pure habit as well.That’s why you need to implement these tips to work for the betterment of your health every single day.

On rest days or weekends, that can mean something as simple as drinking only water or going on an afternoon walk in the park. During the week, that can mean waking up and going to bed at the right time to make sure you get the rest you need.

There’s much debate about the ability to form a habit in as little as 21 days, but regardless—the more you work towards your health, the easier things will become.

We hope that these six tips have helped you come up with a game plan get your life back on track—and stick with it, no matter what.

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