4 Reasons Meal Replacement Products are Not Good for You

The commercial markets are witnessing an increasing trend in uptake and consumption of meal replacement products. They are getting picked up from the shelves like anything. However, experts claim that no matter what even the best meal replacement shakes are not good for human body. Here are the arguments that they present.

  • Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals: Since these products are meant to be sold in stores, they need to have a certain shelf life and should be non-perishable. To do this, the vitamins and minerals of the shakes are synthetically made. They are not derived from natural whole foods. Our bodies find it difficult to absorb such synthetic vitamins and minerals.

  • Excessive Added Sugar: Many brands come out with tempting flavours that entice the people who have a sweet tooth or have a weakness for desert delicacies. Since these products are further marketed as “low calorie” drinks they become more appealing for people. But these shakes have a lot of added sugar or artificial sweetening agent or both. This can trigger whole another health condition in human body.
  • Artificial Ingredients: These shakes are laced with multiple artificial ingredients like refined vegetable oils, cellulose gel, preservatives, thickening agents, artificial colour agents, and flavour enhancers. These artificial can cause severe headaches, higher blood pressures, digestive problems, and inflammation.
  • Low Protein & Fibre: Good quality of protein and high amount of fibre is essential in any meal to help you feel full, improve digestion, maintain hormonal balance, and improve cognitive health. However, the meal replacement products do not contain these. They do not contain essential fibre from fruits and vegetables which can impact your digestive system. The protein content of these products is also not natural. It is again processed protein which does more harm to our bodies than good.

Some people tend to consume these products due to the digestive problems they have like gastritis or ulcers. However, these products can only worsen these conditions because of the lack of natural fibre. The excessive sugar and artificial sweetening agents can cause inflammation in the body and even dental decay.

These products may during the initial days help you in weight loss. But such kind of weight loss is not really healthy. It can make you feel deprived and affect your energy levels. They can also make you feel socially isolated which then has its own problems.